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Last night, I had a dream. I dreamt that we were on our sofa, me and you my love. We were kissing and caressing; slowly at first. Our breaths were fast getting uneven and the kisses growing deeper, with passion and need burning deep down from our common desire for each other.

My hands romped on you tongue on your ears first, to your neck...onto your big, sweet, warm breasts heavy with expectation...

My right hand stopped briefly on your protruding baby tummy, heavily pregnant with our kid. For a moment, I thought he kicked! Probably indicating that he knew what was about to happen, again! Was he cheering us on or complaining about my D in there dear? Do you think it does bother him?

Running away from the naughty, kicking boy, the hand quickly moved further down, making a brief stop-over at your groin, teasing your sexy, over-grown bush. You know I love it bushy, right? But the warmth emanating from your junction-of-wonders drew the hand even further your concoon...

"Ooohhh", you softly and sweetly moaned when my hand lightly touched your throbbing clit...Wet and hot!!!

"Please get that f*cking D inside of my V now!" It was more of an order. "I so much need it in there please", you begged in a stammered whisper. I obliged, thrusting in slowly...

Your pillow-supported hips demanded for more...they rose to meet my D, which your really wet V took in all at once...every single inch, clumping on my balls...oh my! What a sweet feeling!...I faster and harder...and with every thrust, your hips rhythmically rose and fell with ecstacy to meet me...

Darling, I noticed your shinny dilated eyes close their lids to not see but help feel it all in there...Every single of it's many inchs! The both of us rocked into the sweet rhythm of love making. I wish you heard the rocking sound honey. Or did you? But how now and you were totally lost into your own beautiful world of sweet, soft moans! You just were woh!!

And, when I couldn't hold it any more, I knew you weren't ready yet! I pulled the D out. It protested as my tongue took to camping down there between your legs! 

Your moans got even sweeter and louder from the magic of my tongue on your swollen lips and erect clit. You must have shouted some obscenities, I guess. Your raised legs on my shoulders firmly kept my mouth in place. You almost choked me imagine! My fingers kept all the while on your boobs, working the erect, hard nip*les. The way you were shaking as if connected to a vibrator my love!

And alas!!! Without a warning, you washed my face with your love juices! You in deed squirt a river on me! My D gladly got back into your wet P my Love, thrusting hard to your moans; once...twice...many times, too fast I feared might flick a fire, literally. And shortly after, you squirt again as I exploded in you...probably giving the naughty boy a scare...

Both of us exhausted, relaxed and happy spread beside each other, the aroma of love-making filling the room. My right hand rested on your tummy again...and the boy inside kicked once more, probably saying, "I saw it all papa!".

I quickly moved the hand away, resting it on your left breast. You looked at me and smiled. I thought you knew what my thoughts were on the kicking boy. Or was it from satisfaction my Love? Probably both. I smiled back, holding you as close as posible; the baby-tummy not helping much...And the boy refused to keep off...he kept on kicking...Even as we did our evening prayers...

Shortly after, we together cuddled into the night, joining our baby girl asleep in her bedroom into the dreamland. As a family...yes, a family until-forever!

Come on! Stop acting judgemental and offended. I know that this is the reason why you primarily are here. Why you still are reading this. Maybe you even are wet right now. Wet from desire! And hot as I am. Say "hi". Let's make this fantasy a reality...yes...together as a family...UNTIL EVEN AFTER FOREVER Honey!!

Do we share the dream? If so, please don't just wink at me...please inbox me your whatsapp contact details or email me on josamwairoge@yah**.com. I'll reply to every single email. Thank you.

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Relationship :Separated Looking for :A long-term relationship
Employment :Work at home Occupation : Computer related
Living : Alone Education : Some College
Religion :Christian Ethnicity :African (Black)
Income :Not specified Languages :other Swahili English
Height :5' 8" Eyes : Black
Hair :Black Body : Slim
I don't Smoke And I do not drink.
I want Kids.

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