Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do i login into my cloudromance account?

To login to your account you first must be a registered user at the dating site. Registration is free. Please visit this link to login with your user name and password.

Q: How can I change my password?

You can always change your password in the settings by providing the new password and confirming the same password.

After making changes make sure to save by clicking the button below.

Q: What happens, if I forget my password?

Visit Lost my password or click the "Forgot Password" link at the Login page.

you can reset the password by using either your email address or username to reset your password. You will get the reset link via email. Follow that link to key in your new password.

Q: How can I contact other users?

You can find all your matched contacts in the chat section at the dating site. We have also made it extremely easy to send messages to any member in Cloudromance, just visit the profile you are interested in, then click the "send message" link. You can message any number of people with no limits.

You may also start a chat with any member wherever they are listed on the site - just find the message button next to their profile and click it to start chatting

Q: How do i like a profile?

Profile - liking is just one way in which cloud romance users can interact on the dating site. Its easy to like a profile by clicking the blue like button next to a user's profile or image.

Anyone on the website can like your profile unless you block them personally. A member will get notified that someone has added him/her to their likes. Premium users usually can see the names and profiles of those who like them and hence can like back as they wish.

Its easy to break the ice once you see who already likes you as some users prefer liking first to get your attention.

Q: Who is a profile visitor?

When a registered member views your profile, they are usually recorded at the 'visitors' section. You can only see users who have logged in the site when visiting your profile. When a user comes to your page, they are listed accordingly together with the exact time that they view your profile.

You cannot delete your visitors and there is a limit to the number of visitors shown. Old visitors are automatically hidden as new people come to your profile.

Q: How do i block a member?

If you find someone that makes you uncomfortable or irritating, you might want to make yourself invisible to them so they can never contact or interact with you. Just visit the user's profile and find the "X" button at the top left corner. After confirming the blockage, that profile will be hidden

What does it mean when i block a member?

> You will not be able to see the profile any where on the website.
> If you are friends, the connection will be destroyed.
> All the messages between you will be deleted
> Likes will be discarded.
> Winks from and to the user will be removed

The user will NOT be notified that you blocked them, you will just be hidden from them.

To see blocked members and unblock them visit blacklist

Q: Where can i search and find singles on the dating site?

You can look up any user in real time either by user name or by certain criteria on their profile. If searching by username, you do not need to type in the full name, just the first few characters on the user's name and several suggestions will be displayed for you to select.

You may also search members using either :-

-Their age
-The relationship type that they are looking for
-Their city anywhere in kenya
-Their county
-Also those online at the moment

To find singles, click here

Q: How to report a user in cloudromance

We strive to keep our dating site safe and enjoyable for everyone. Since we have over half a million singles, its challenging to spot every activity. This is why we depend on our users to file reports.

To report a suspicious member, a fake profile or an offensive member, click the profile in question then find the image with an exclamation mark at the bottom left.

Click the link then fill in the form stating the reason for your report. Our administrator will review your report then take appropriate action

Q: How to upgrade account with Airtel Money

You can upgrade your account easily with all major telephone carriers in Kenya. To pay with Airtel money:

> Dial *222#
> Choose Lipa Na Airtel.
> Go to buy goods
> Select mpesa till.
> Enter the m-pesa till number - 93 55 465
> Enter the upgrade amount
> Type in your pin

You will receive a message confirming the payment. Go to the upgrading page to finish the process.

Q: How do i upgrade my account with Telkom T-Kash?

You can upgrade your account easily with all major mobile carriers in Kenya. To pay with Telkom T-Kash:

> Dial *160#
> Select buy goods and services.
> Choose to use m-pesa till number
> Enter our mpesa till number - 93 55 465
> Enter the upgrade amount
> Type in your pin and click "OK"

You will receive a message confirming the payment. Go to the upgrade page to complete the process.

Q: How to upgrade a cloudromance account

You can register and use some of the dating features for free but you will need a premium account that is upgraded to get the most out of your profile. Anyone with an account can upgrade online easily using Mpesa, Telkom, and Airtel money.

To use Mpesa:

> Click the phone SIM Application Toolkit (STK) to open mpesa
> Choose lipa na M-pesa
> Select buy goods and services option
> Type in the m-pesa till number - 93 55 465
> Enter amount.
> Enter your mpesa pin
> press ok then confirm

You will receive an mpesa message confirming the payment. Go to the upgrade page to complete the process.

To upgrade with Airtel money, click here

Click here to upgrade with Telkom kenya t-kash

Q: How to edit - change your profile details

After registration, it is important to update the rest of your profile details for potential matches to know a bit about you. You can update your profile and add more juice to it like the relationship you are seeking, your city, age preference, your physical looks - body, hair, height etc.

You may also indicate your education, income, and employment status plus more. All these are optional but over the past decade, we have learnt people with complete profiles easily end up getting more replies to their messages and attract more admirers.

Q: How to register in cloudromance

You can register (sign up) for your new account easily by clicking register link that is on top of the page. Registration is free - you are required to provide personal details like email to identify you.
A password of your choosing is also mandatory as this is the only way that you will be logging in after registration. You will select a username or handle...

This username can be any name that you desire but it must be unique (i.e not taken by another site user), because this same username that you indicate will be used to automatically reach your profile by typing it at the url on the browser.

Finally a profile photo needs to be uploaded, choose the best picture that clearly represents you for people to see who you are

Q: How do i upload a new photo?

You can easily upload a picture to your profile by going to the image upload page. Once on the page, click the "choose file" button which should open an image uploads form on your device.

After you selected the photo, click the upload button next. The photo will be updated to the chosen. Your old photos are still accessible when one views your profile pictures unless you manually delete them.