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" ... Looking for a Woman between 40 and 65 years.... "

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... 0 svn nin eit fv on for for nin svn...

In my crazy imaginations, we are on a sofa...I and you my our house....It has been a year since we officially got into this relationship...and on our sofa, this evening, we are kissing, cuddling, caressing....slowly at first....But I can feel our breaths getting uneven, fast....and the kisses even deeper....And I remember that I didn't like kissing that much; until I met you, and you, my dear, have taught me how to and now I can't get enough of it my Love!

0 svn nin eit fv on for fo nin svn.

Here on our sofa, my hands are romping on you tongue on your ears, your neck, on your breasts which are full from desire and expectation....

My right hand stops briefly on your protruding baby tummy, heavily pregnant with our kid in there....I thought he kicked! Probably saying that he knows what is about to happen, again! A naughty one this boy is! Does he see my D in there when we make love Darling? Is he cheering or complaining about it my Love?

My hand move quickly further down, making a brief stop-over at your groin, teasing your sexy, overgrown bush....But the warmth emanating from the junction of wonders between your legs draw it even further down.

"Aaaarrrggg" softly and sweetly moan as my hand lightly touch your erect clit! Your V is damn wet My-Sweet-One! Wet and hot! Ready for me!

"Please get that f**king D inside of me now!" It's more like an order. "I so much need you in there Love"

I oblige....I slowly push the D into your so open, throbbing, hot, wet P. "Ooohhh", you sweetly moan from the sweet feeling darling!... Your receptive V hungrily swallow my hard D....The full length. The balls even, clumping on them. "Waaaah", my turn to sweetly moan! With pleasure!

Your hips rhythmically rise and fall with excitement and ecstacy....Your P meeting my bonner...Your shinny dilated eyes closing their lids to not see but help feel it all...

The both of us are slowly getting rocked into the sweet rhythm of love making....Love, do you hear the rocking sound as my groin keep meeting your flesh? Do you?

I like the way both your legs are parted and raised in surrender and pleasure....both of us totally lost into our own beautiful world....I can't miss noting your beautiful soft moans, with your warm breath on me as I play your hard nipples Love, as our members keep locked together, rocking in motion. How soft and sweet your moans are to my ears!...

The irregular breath....with your hands pushing me forth as they hold on if afraid I might disappear into thin air....The increasing rocking speed...The D in the P....It's every inch covered in there with warmth and wetness....

I can't hold this any more my Love....I am about to eja****te!

Oh no! Not now!....I pull the D out of your P...It is protesting as the tongue take it's place down there....Sucking and eating and licking your so horny V Honey...

Your moans are sweeter and even louder Honey...your legs now pressing my head between them Dear...with my hands feeling your erect nipples from the sides. The way you are shaking with pleasure sweet-one....raising and lowering your hips, murmuring softly; "yes honey....yeeees"! You truly are on that proverbial cloud 19 my Love!

My mouth has camped here on your junction of wonders my tongue sucking your V and are shouting and shaking and lifting and lowering....

Suddenly....oh my..... suddenly, your juices flush out and wash my face!...You have cum on me a river darling....again!

I rise and push the D in there...u take it in...repeatedly....with pleasure again....and shortly after...."aaahhh"....I think I know why the boy kicks.... I must be flooding him quite too often with some stuff he doesn't like so much....which leaves me weak beside you my sweet one!

Exhausted...relaxed.....and happy, we spread beside each other, the aroma of lovemaking filling the room. My right hand rest on your tummy, again. And again, the naughty boy inside kicks, probably saying "I saw it all papa!"...The hand quickly moves away resting on your left breast. You look at me and smile...I think you know what my thoughts were on the kicking boy...I smile back. We hold as tightly as posible....the baby-tummy can't help much.... And he refuses to keep off...he keeps kicking. And together, we slip away into the night, joining our daughter who is asleep in her room into the world of dreams. As a family....

In deed a crazy imagination....but a desire from the deepest of my heart. Could you be her in the imaginations? Please come we join and make them a and you....

Actions Particulars
  • Gender :Man
  • Age :44
  • City :Mombasa
  • Country :Kenya

  • Relationship :Separated
  • Employment :Self-employed
  • Living :Alone
  • Religion :Christian
  • Income :25,000 to 30k ksh
  • Height :5' 6"
  • Hair :A little gray
  • Looking for :Marriage
  • Occupation : Computer related
  • Education : Some College
  • Ethnicity :African (Black)
  • Languages :Kikuyu
  • Eyes :Black
  • Body :Slim
I don't Smoke And I do not drink.
I want Kids.

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